Air Leakage Depressurization Testing

Is your building drafty? Do you want to find out how to stop your heat and money from escaping, or check whether construction or renovations have resulted in an optimal air barrier and/or air changes per hour? Building airtightness measurements are used for a variety of purposes including documenting the construction airtightness of buildings, estimating natural infiltration rates in buildings, and measuring and documenting the effectiveness of air-sealing activities.

Air leakage testing uses a Blower Door, which is a diagnostic tool designed to measure the airtightness of buildings and to help locate air leakage sites. The Blower Door consists of a powerful, calibrated fan that is temporarily sealed into an exterior doorway. The fan blows air into or out of the building to create a slight pressure difference between inside and outside. This pressure difference forces air through all holes and penetrations in the exterior envelope. By simultaneously measuring the air flow through the fan and its effect on the air pressure in the building, the Blower Door system measures the airtightness of the entire building envelope, calculating air changes per hour (ACH) and equivalent leakage area (ELH) for the building.

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