Business & Institution Services

Join businesses and organizations across BC in saving energy and money, accessing financial incentives, and helping the environment. We offer a wide range of energy efficiency services in all building types to help you meet your energy efficiency goals.

Grant Information

There are many incentives available for businesses and institutions in BC to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings, including commercial rebates from BC Hydro and FortisBC. Visit City Green’s Searchable Incentive Database or work with a City Green advisor (see assessment information below) to guide you through to the energy saving upgrades and incentives that are right for you.

Free Business Energy Efficiency Assessments

LiveSmart BC: Small Business Program

Free business energy assessments help identify lighting and other retrofit opportunities for your business, and the incentives available to help you upgrade.
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Energy Efficiency Diagnostic Testing

Thermal Imaging Diagnostic Testing

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive tool used to diagnose air leakage, insulation, and moisture problems in all building types in order to improve energy efficiency, comfort, and savings. It can be used for quality assurance in new and existing buildings, and to plan for retrofits wisely.
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Air Leakage/Depressurization Testing

Is your building drafty? Do you want to find out how to stop your heat and money from escaping, or check whether construction or renovations have resulted in an optimal air barrier and/or air changes per hour? Contact City Green for an air leakage depressurization test with a blower door.
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Energy Efficiency Modelling and Planning

Energy Audits

Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining or improving human comfort, health, and safety in a building with the help of a customized energy audit.
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Building Stock Energy and GHG Emissions Inventories

Our service includes an energy and emission inventory with the option of identification of energy conservation, greenhouse gas reduction and cost saving opportunities as well. A general building condition assessment can also be included.
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Heritage Building Energy Evaluation and Retrofit Planning

Use non-destructive testing, including thermal imaging with an infrared camera, to identify appropriate opportunities for energy saving upgrades. Read more.