Choosing A Certified Energy Advisor

City Green is one of several organizations licensed by the Federal Government - Natural Resources Canada - to administer the ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes program and the LiveSmart BC Energy Efficiency Incentive program.

City Green is the only non-profit organization providing ecoENERGY services in BC.

The first step in accessing the grants is to book an appointment with a Certified Energy Advisor who will complete a home energy assessment on your home and provide you with an Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report outlining a prioiritized list of upgrade recommendations for your home.

To be sure that you receive the highest quality advice and service from your Certified Energy Advisor, look for the following commitments from the organization you choose to work with:

Assessment times are pre-set

Some contractors are unsure when they will arrive at your door and so clients are forced to wait around all day. We value your time and therefore offer pre-set arrival times; Advisors working with City Green will arrive within a half hour of that set time to allow for some flexibility.

Advisors have time to answer your questions

Our goal is to give you the information about current energy efficiency options for your home that you need to feel confident when speaking with contractors about what products you want to install. Therefore, Advisors working with City Green spend between 1.5 to 3 hours at your home, to allow enough time to complete measurements, conduct airseal tests and answer what questons you may have. Read more about the complete home energy assessment application process.

Advisors complete their own reports

Some companies send Advisors out to collect data only, and have a central clearing house - people who haven't even seen your home - do the software computations and report writing. We believe that Advisors working with City Green provide valuable knowledge and experience in personally processing the data and witnessing the results for each home; plus, each report is written with the goals of the homeowner in mind.

Advisors conduct both your first and follow up assessment

Whenever possible, the Advisor who conducts your first assessment will also return to your home after your upgrades are completed, to record the work that was done, complete the grant paperwork on your behalf and calculate your home's new and improved EnerGuide rating, and celebrate your successes with you!

Advisors are educators - not salespeople

Certified Energy Advisors working with City Green are not affiliated with specific contractors or products. We promote general energy efficient systems, not brand names or models. Plus, while window contractors know windows, and furnace contractors know furnaces, Advisors know about all the energy-related components in your home and understand which upgrades will make the largest impact on reducing your long-term energy bills. Our report will provide a prioritized list of those upgrades, choosing from windows, doors, heating, ventilation, insulation, airsealing, hot water and more.

Advisors are well-qualified and receive ongoing training

Advisors working with City Green are chosen for their past building experience, technical training, excellent communication skills and passion for climate change solutions. Some are engineers, property managers, contractors, and more. Read more.

City Green provides extensive training on the ecoENERGY assessment program processes and products so that Advisors can pass a standardized exam established by Natural Resources Canada. Throughout the year, ongoing training programs related to the energy efficiency and the green building industry are made available to our team.

City Green's training programs were chosen by the Province of BC when the LiveSmart BC incentive program set a goal of increasing the number of locally trained Advisors for our province with a Residential Energy Efficiency Employment Development Program (REEED). City Green designed curriculum and training in partnership with the Vancouver Island Univerisity.

Office support staff guide you smoothly through the grant process.

City Green client services and technical suppport staff work diligently to interpret and incorporate program updates from Natural Resources Canada into our procedures, ensuring that you are provided with the most current information on grant-eligilble products and criteria. We complete the paperwork on your behalf and track the progress of your grant cheque until it reaches your mailbox.

The organization values match your own

City Green's vision is that...

All BC residents enjoy living and working in healthy homes and buildings that are constructed and operate at maximum resource efficiency and with minimal environmental impact. Read more.