Passive House Design and Energy Modelling

Seeking a home that is both incredibly comfortable and so energy efficient that you pay less than a quarter of the usual heating bills of an average new home? The successfully engineered Passive House concept has caught on in many countries as an astounding opportunity to live sustainably without compromising modern comfort or style.

Passive house is a leading standard worldwide for buildings which are energy efficient, comfortable, economical, and environmentally friendly. Passive House is not a brand; it is a building concept which is open to all, and which has proven itself in practice.

High energy prices don't touch residents of Passive Houses. Through the use of special energy efficient building elements and ventilation techniques, Passive Houses can save over 75% in heating costs compared with minimum building standards.

City Green Solutions offers customized passive house design planning and energy modelling using the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) program with a Certified Passivehouse Designer. Contact us at 1.866.381.9995 x120 or by email for a free quote.

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