Home Renovation Rebates (HRR)

Home Renovation Rebate (HRR) Program

Improve the comfort of your home and reduce your energy bills by implementing energy efficiency upgrades. BC Hydro and FortisBC (the Program Partners) are providing rebates for energy saving upgrades to single family detached homes, mobile homes on a permanent foundation, and side-by-side duplex or row homes in BC that are primarily electrically or gas heated*.

A summary of the HRR Program is provided below. It is your responsibility to read, understand and meet the eligibility requirements by reviewing the program’s terms and conditions.

Rebates Available

Refer to the HRR Rebate Table for a complete list of available rebates.

The first page of the HRR Rebate Table describes rebates for Individual upgrades you can access by applying for them yourself. These do not require the completion of EnerGuide home evaluations with an Energy Advisor.

The second page of the HRR Rebate Table describes the rebates you can access through working with an Energy Advisor. When you complete a pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation before starting your upgrades and a post-retrofit evaluation after you’ve completed your upgrades, you can access:

  • Rebates for Energy Advisor Supported Upgrades:
    • Up to $500 in draftproofing rebates
    • $750 Bonus Offer for completing three (3) or more qualifying upgrades. Use these Bonus Offer planning sheets to help you maximize your rebates
    • $150 Evaluation Rebate
  • Expert, prioritized advice and diagnostic testing for your home:
    • Learn more about City Green’s EnerGuide evaluations
    • Certain upgrade recommendations from your Advisor may not be eligible for rebates but are there to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient

Contact City Green to book an EnerGuide Home Evaluation today! 1-866-381-9995 or online.

Application and Deadline Requirements

Rebates for Energy Advisor Supported Upgrades:

  • The HRR Program must receive the Energy Advisor Supported Upgrades Application Form within 36 months (3 years) of the date of your pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation.
  • A post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation is required. It may take us a minimum of 45 days to process and submit the Energy Advisor Supported Upgrades Application Form after the post-retrofit evaluation. It is your responsibility to ensure that your post-retrofit evaluation is scheduled to allow sufficient time to submit the Energy Advisor Supported Upgrades Application Form within 36 months of your pre-retrofit evaluation.
  • The Energy Advisor will complete the Energy Advisor Supported Upgrades Application Form at the time of the post-retrofit evaluation.
  • If you’re also applying for rebates for Individual Upgrades, read below for requirements and deadlines.

Rebates for Individual Upgrades:

  • Do not require EnerGuide evaluations.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the HRR Program receives your Homeowner Application Form(s) within 6 months of the installation date of your upgrade(s). City Green and Energy Advisors working with City Green do not complete this form for you and take no responsibility for ensuring it is received by the deadline.
  • You can submit multiple Homeowner Application Forms for different upgrades (e.g. if you need to apply within your 6 month deadline for some upgrades before other upgrades are finished).
  • Be sure to make photocopies of any forms or receipts you’re submitting to the HRR Program and keep them on file. The Energy Advisor may ask to see them when completing your post-retrofit evaluation and Energy Advisor Supported Upgrades Application Form, if you’re also applying for the Energy Advisor Supported Upgrades.

All applications must be submitted with supporting receipt documentation. See Sample Receipts. You may wish to provide your contractor with these samples to ensure each item outlined is clearly indicated on your receipts.

How Do I Learn More?

Visit the Program Partner websites bchydro.com/homerebates or fortisbc.com/homerebatesCall 1-844-881-9790 or e-mail ask@bcenergycoach.ca for more information. 

It is your responsibility to review the full terms and conditions of this program to ensure you’re eligible.

Are you heated by other fuels?

*Piped propane supplied by FortisBC is also eligible.

Sponsoring agency: BC Hydro and FortisBC
Type of agency: Utility company