Harper Flip Flops on Energy Efficiency

Canada has shown a lack of leadership and vision on supporting energy efficiency programs.  

Harper Flip Flops on Energy Efficiency. LiveSmartBC Grant Program to Provide Stimulus.

Effective today, the federal government pulled out of providing grants to new applicants to the popular and proven effective ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes energy efficiency homeowner grant program, without warning or consultation. ecoENERGY grants will not be provided to homeowners who are not currently registered within the program.

Many countries, like the United States and United Kingdom, are progressively ramping up their efforts to support energy efficiency retrofit and grant programs and leverage the multiple benefits that these programs provide. For example, the UK has committed to retrofit all homes by 2030, with firm interim targets for the next 5-10 years. In contrast, Canada has shown a lack of leadership and vision on supporting energy efficiency programs.

“The Harper administration cancelled the grant in 2006, reinstated it under public pressure in 2007 and now is pulling it again. Funding is provided and then funding is pulled away. This is no way to build a strong green economy and workforce in Canada” states Peter Sundberg, Executive Director for City Green Solutions. “To date, less than 10 per cent of homes in Canada have been through an energy efficiency retrofit program. The end of new entries into the ecoENERGY program represents a tremendous lost opportunity to create green jobs and tackle national climate change issues.”

Residential energy efficiency incentive programs are one of the most cost effective means to:

  • Take action on climate change
  • Stimulate local economies
  • Support business and industry installing energy efficiency equipment
  • Help homeowners reduce their energy bills
  • Grow a green workforce that will strengthen Canada as a leader in the energy conservation sector

Despite the lack of support for energy efficiency from the federal government, the imminent re-launch of the provincial LiveSmartBC grant program is expected to provide BC homeowners with access to financial incentives to support energy efficiency upgrades. Please see www.citygreen.ca for current details.

Media Contact:
Peter Sundberg
Executive Director, City Green Solutions
250.381.9995 x 102