Try out one new idea a day or week and watch your energy bills go down! Click on the tip header for more information.

Book An EnerGuide Home Evaluation

sq_homevisit An energy expert will use a blower door fan test and customized software to discover the air leaks and other areas in your home where energy is being wasted. Plus, ask about grants to help pay for the cost of making home improvements!

Install low flow water fixtures

sq_fixtoilet Installing aerators on your taps and low flow shower heads will allow you to use maintain the same water pressure using just half the amount of water.

Turn down the heat

sq_thermostat Turning the heat down by 2oC can shrink your home heating costs by 5%. Using a programmable thermostat to set back the temperature at night can reduce your heating costs by 10%, and setting back the thermostat while you are away during the day can help you save even more.

Unplug chargers regularly

sq_cellphone Stop chargers for cell phones, cameras, cordless power tools, toothbrushes and other equipment from drawing a 'phantom' electrical load.

Use cold water to wash your laundry

washer Cold water wash is easier on your clothes, your wallet and the environment.

Use power bars

sq_powerbar Some appliances draw 'phantom' energy, even when they are turned off! Using power bars can stop these loads from appearing on your energy bills.