Vision and Mission


All BC residents enjoy living and working in healthy homes and buildings that are constructed and operate at maximum resource efficiency and with minimal environmental impact.


Environmental Mission



To excite, inspire, and lead British Columbians
in taking both simple and extraordinary actions to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of homes and buildings.
To operate as an enterprising non-profit, demonstrating excellence in the building energy efficiency sector and growing the green economy through innovation, collaboration, education, and training To invest our time and resources into creative solutions that bring the economic, environmental and social benefits of energy efficiency to the affordable housing sector.


Look for ten easy ecoTown Solutions on the image above:

  1. energy efficient homes & buildings
  2. solar panels
  3. wind energy towers
  4. rainbarrels
  5. compost bins
  6. community gardens
  7. egg-laying hens at home
  8. urban density (duplexes/ rental suites)
  9. green space/ urban forests
  10. residential mixes-use buildings providing local, walkable amenities and services