CGHG Update- Guidance Document, Grant Tables, and More…

This email is very important for those that are delivering the Canada Greener Homes Grant Program.  Please take the time to read everything within this email if you are actively participating in the Canada Greener Homes Grant Program, as the information below can affect your client’s ability to access rebates.

Post Contents:

  1. New NRCan Portal Features & Information for homeowners using the portal
  2. NRCan HOT2000 downloads
  3. Reminder to review Program Bulletin 89 (sent March 9, 2022).
  4. NRCan Grant tables
  5. New Greener Homes Guidance for Energy Advisors Document

New NRCan Portal Features & Information

Homeowners can now switch Service Organizations

NRCan has released Step-by-step guidance document for managing applications (see attached “SP & EAs – Guidance on New Portal Feature for Homeowner Opt out or Change Service Organization”). In short, homeowners should now be able to change their SO within the portal. If you have clients that created an application and selected a Service Organization other than City Green, then you must email them to let them know that they can now change their service organization. If homeowners are not selecting City Green, then we will be unable to connect their application with your evaluation.

  1. Login to the Portal and click on “My Applications”
  2. In the event a homeowner has multiple applications in progress (i.e., duplicates), they would need to select the application they plan to keep. Click on the correct application number and then Click on Manage Application to make a change
  3. If the homeowner wants to change their Service Organization, they must select the “Change Service Organization for this application” option.
  4. They should now select “City Green Solutions” as their service organization
  5. They can select a reason for changing the service organization. The likely reason is “Faster Availability”
  6. Once the homeowner has selected “Confirm,” then City Green will be assigned to the application.
  7. Note: There is a chance that the homeowner is not able to change their SO using the portal. The affected homeowners will see a message to this effect. They must then email a request to change service organization to
  8. “To change your service organization, you must send an email request to Please ensure that you use the following subject line for your email: “Change my Service Organization”

Homeowner FAQ document

NRCan has released a homeowner FAQ document (attached), which we are hesitant to distribute to homeowners as-is. We don’t want homeowners calling City Green to see if we have availability as we do not have access to all EA schedules. Please do use this FAQ document to answer homeowner questions about:

  • How do I change the Service Organization on my CGHG application?
  • There are no SOs in my area, what do I do?
  • I no longer wish to participate in the CGHG initiative. What do I do?
  • I have multiple applications. How do I delete the extra applications?

NRCan HOT2000 downloads

NRCan is now using the portal to distribute HOT2000 software. You will no longer be able to download it from the NRCan members site.

Update on Technical Bulletin 89 – Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps

This is a reminder that Technical Bulletin 89 was sent out on March 9th, 2022, and includes important information on modelling cold climate air source heat pumps. If you have not reviewed this bulletin, then it is possible you could be modelling heat pumps wrong and will have to update your process.

NRCan Grant Tables:

NRCan/Greener Homes Division’s Consumer Experience team have put together two tables to make it easier for homeowners to understand the available grants. These tables and graphics are attached. I have also posted them online if you wish to easily share links with homeowners. Keep in mind that these do not provide any information on the CleanBC grants. Refer homeowners to for information on Provincial and local programs

Update to Canada Greener Homes Grant – Information Manual For Service Organizations and Energy Advisors

The latest version (2.1, February 2022) of the Canada Greener Homes Grant – Information Manual for Service Organizations and Energy Advisors (version 2.1, February 2022) is now available attached. Minor administrative updates were made to the text for clarity; there are no substantive changes. Please ensure to use the latest version of the manual.


IMPORTANT: Failure to use the provided procedures for modelling upgrades outlined in the latest EA Guidance Manual will affect homeowner eligibility for grants.

If you have any questions, please let me know.