New Home EnerGuide Home Evaluations

New Home Contruction EnerGuide Home Evaluations

City Green works with New Homes energy advisors to make your construction project a better project!

  • An EnerGuide home evaluation for residential new construction is a comprehensive service to help understand what steps can be taken to adjust and improve building plans and the construction process to maximize the energy efficiency of the home built.
  • One of our new homes energy advisors will create an energy model based on the architectural drawings of the home to determine your home’s estimated energy performance and to create a pre-construction EnerGuide report. This report will outline options to improve the home's energy efficiency before it is built. This allows the builder to select the upgrade option that best suits the construction budget, the design of the home or your preferences.
  • Are you planning to build to a certain Step of the BC Energy Step Code or plan to access incentives? The energy model is used to confirm that the home meets the minimum requirements of any step of the BC Energy Step Code. Working with our energy advisors is your gateway to access financial incentives for building to a higher level of construction. Check our incentive page for more information

Contact us and we can put you in touch with a New Homes Energy Advisor in your area!