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Meet the people who are working hard to help communities and homeowners save energy and lower their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Peter Sundberg

HPSC Executive and Executive Director of City Green

Peter is a social entrepreneurial and strategic innovator with over 20 years of experience designing and delivering clean energy and building energy efficiency programs and services in North America, Latin America and Asia.  At City Green, Peter is Executive Director and EnerGuide Rating System Service Organization Manager - responsible for business leadership and management, business development, project management, contractor and staff coordination and partnership development.  Peter regularly develops and delivers training and provides presentations designed to build industry and stakeholder capacity and increase awareness of the full value and benefits of home and building energy efficiency.   Peter currently holds the following building energy efficiency advisory roles: Chair, Natural Resources Canada ENERGY STAR for New Homes Technical Advisory Committee; Executive, BC Home Performance Industry Stakeholder Council (HPSC); member, Home Energy Labelling and RateOurHome Steering Committee; member, BC Energy Step Code Technical Advisory Committee; member, BC Energy Step Code Compliance and Energy Advisor Subcommittee; member, BC Energy Step Code Education and Capacity Building Subcommittee. Prior to working with City Green, Peter managed the International Renewable Energy Program for Falls Brook Centre coordinating rural electrification and capacity building projects in Nicaragua and India. In the field of disarmament and post conflict reconstruction, Peter developed skills training and small business development programs for victims of war and worked as a research consultant with the Nobel Prize winning International Campaign to Ban Landmines and its civil society reporting network the Landmine Monitor.  In his youth, Peter worked as a commercial fisher, logger, house framer and renovator for commercial properties.  When not working, Peter spends his time with family, coaching youth baseball, mentoring youth baseball umpires, building stuff, camping and being in the ocean.

Chandra Horth

Energy Efficiency Client Services Representative

Chandra came to Vancouver Island in 2012 to attend the University of Victoria, where she gained a BSc in Physical Geography and Environmental Studies. After attaining experience in outdoor education, environmental outreach, and wilderness guiding, she focused her energy into fostering positive change in our relationships with the environment and community. Her journey has fueled a passionate focus and interest in sustainable development, passive design and waste management, and hopes to continue her growth into future sustainable design. This curiosity and desire to learn brought her to City Green with the intent to be a part of the shift towards a more environmentally conscious and renewable energy-based future. In her spare time, Chandra finds herself tucked in the woods hiking, camping and skiing, or at the beach out for a surf or crafting nestled at home.

Danielle Boulton

Energy Efficiency Client Services Representative

Danielle was born and raised on Vancouver Island and grew up with a passion for the environment. This passion led her to the University of Victoria where she completed a BA in Geography with a concentration in Urban Development, and a Minor in Environmental Studies. During her studies, Danielle became especially interested in sustainable cities, green building, and community engagement. This has led her to City Green, where she can contribute to a greener future by motivating and exciting people to improve their energy efficiency. Danielle is the office plant nerd and spends her free time wrangling her little daughter, walking her dog, or taking on creative endeavors such as sewing and jewellery making.

Patricia Graham

Finance Assistant

Tricia was born in New Zealand in a house with no insulation and a corrugated metal roof. She is a big believer in making homes energy efficient and cozy! With a background in health services, customer service, and web design, Tricia is responsible for accounts payable, payroll, financial reports, and human resources at City Green. Tricia loves working for an environmentally-conscious organization that fits with her values and philosophy. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, reading, and watching baseball.

Chris Birchall

Program Coordinator

Chris has been a Program Coordinator with City Green since 2007, working on a wide variety of energy and water efficiency initiatives. He has a Bachelor of Education, a Master’s in Environmental Design, and is a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor. He has been a Green Communities Canada board member since 2012 and served as board chair since 2015.

Grant Stott

Energy Efficiency Client Services Representative

Originally from Markham, Ontario, Grant completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Environmental Science at Trent University in Peterborough. After working in various technical, research, and communication roles, Grant moved to Victoria in 2018. Grant is passionate about all aspects of sustainability and the conservation of our natural environment. He has a great interest in energy efficiency, sustainable building and neighborhood design, and is excited to be working for City Green Solutions to help others improve their energy efficiency. In his spare time, Grant enjoys woodworking, hiking, cycling, snowboarding, camping, and generally exploring beautiful BC.

Keely Mullane

Energy Efficiency Client Services Representative

Keely went to school at Trent University, in Peterborough Ontario where she completed a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Resource Management. There, she discovered her interest in community engagement and environmental education through volunteer opportunities. Keely studied for a year abroad in Swansea, Wales focusing on Physical Geography. In her last year at Trent, a research project sparked her interest in energy efficient homes and the importance of retrofitting buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In her role at City Green, Keely hopes to fuel others’ interest in energy efficiency and assist in projects that make a positive impact on our climate. Other interests of Keely’s include cooking, hiking, travelling and strength training.

Dawn Stewart

Financial Officer

Dawn Stewart has been the Finance Manager with City Green since 2008. Dawn Stewart is very much a coastal person she and her family have lived in Powell River, Gold River, Campbell River, Vancouver and Victoria over the years. Dawn brings extensive experience in small business and non-profit financial record keeping.  Her mantra is, “There is always room for improvement in every task and that is what brings creativity to a job”.

Teresa Lawson

Program Coordinator

Teresa works with City Green to develop and deliver building science based programs, strategies, and technical reviews to aid public and private stakeholders in achieving climate change goals.  She believes that homeowners, educators, and policy makers can work together to reduce the environmental impact of the housing sector and lay the foundations for a clean energy future.  She has worked with multiple energy efficiency programs including the Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program, CleanBC Better Homes, and the Transition 2050 Residential Retrofit Acceleration Project to support stakeholders working towards more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly buildings.  Teresa holds a B.Sc. of Environmental Science from Simon Fraser University.

Sam Wright

Energy Efficiency Client Services Representative

Sam holds and BA in Geography and Environmental Studies from McMaster University, where she focused her interests on sustainability. While working abroad in Asia for a year, Sam fostered a unique outlook on waste management and conservation, which eventually brought her to Victoria BC in 2019. Through her work at City Green, she has continued to inspire and assist people living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. As busy as she is, on her time off, you can find her exploring the island, hiking, cycling, climbing, or playing guitar.

David McKay

Technical Services Advisor

David lived in Toronto for six years while completing his degree in Environmental Management at York University, followed by a certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at Ryerson University. He is a Registered Energy Advisor and Quality Assurance Specialist with Natural Resources Canada and provides technical support for City Green staff and the network of Energy Advisors that work with City Green. In his spare time, David enjoys biking, climbing, and hiking.

Elena Dopfer

Energy Project Specialist and Client Services Supervisor

Elena grew up in the south of Germany and has been working for City Green since 2017 after finishing her bachelor’s in Energy and Resources Management. She is excited about making her contribution to a better tomorrow by working on City Green’s energy efficiency programs and projects, delivering energy efficiency outreach presentations and coordinating City Green’s great client services team. Besides battling climate change, Elli likes to play fast pitch softball, cook, is a local history geek, and loves to explore this beautiful island that we call home.

Sean Dimnik

Energy Efficiency Client Services Representative

Prior to joining City Green, Sean worked as a Solar Technician in Ontario installing and providing  maintenance on solar arrays in various locations including Northern Ontario, Labrador, Arizona, and Ghana. Sean is a graduate of the Renewable Energies Technician program from Niagara College and has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management from York University. Sean is passionate about advancing the energy efficiency sector and hopes to use his technical background to achieve this. In his spare time, he likes playing basketball and staying active.

Alison Holmes

Finance Assistant

Alison has enjoyed most of her adult life living on, and loving the West Coast of BC, after growing up on the Prairies.  She has a Diploma in Business Administration and years of ongoing education, accounting and systems experience in a wide variety of organizations.  She enjoys working with a team of environmentally conscious and forward-thinking people.  Alison does Accounts Payable and Project Costing and Reporting, and other various projects. She enjoys being active, preferring to walk to work, hiking, lake swimming, camping, and exploring Vancouver Island.  She loves to travel and enjoys a good read.