BC Energy Step Code Compliance Report

2017 – Present

The BC Energy Step Code is a provincial regulation that is being adopted by local governments to improve the energy efficiency of new homes being built in their communities. In preparation for the adoption of the Step Code, City Green was contracted to develop the BC Energy Compliance reports and the tools and resources to train energy advisors on their use.

City Green was contracted to develop the BC Energy Compliance Report Calculator and Report Generator to support the energy advisor industry in the provision of BC Energy Compliance Services. This tool produces the “BC Energy Compliance Report” (or “Compliance Report”), a standardized report template for residential Part 9 buildings which comply with Subsection 9.36.5. or 9.36.6. of the 2018 BC Building Code.

How it works:

  • The Calculator Tool: Users enter the requested energy data from the HOT2000 energy model and then select the project’s Climate Zone, cooling system capacity, and the required Step. The Calculator then supplies the following information:
    • Mechanical Energy Use Intensity (MEUI)
    • ERS Rating & Lower than EnerGuide Reference House
    • Thermal Energy Demand Intensity (TEDI)
    • Air Changes Per Hour (at 50 Pascals)
    • Metrics for Section F

The Tool also has the capacity to compare the calculated Step Code metrics with the required Step as selected by the user, to determine which metric the home has passed.

  • The Report Generator produces the Pre-Construction and As-Built Compliance Reports with auto-population features that reduce both time spent developing reports and the margin of error in data entry.

The Compliance Report will be useful for:

  • Energy Advisors and modellers, to produce a standardized report;
  • Builders needing to demonstrate that a home or building meets a Step Code requirement;
  • Local governments seeking to verify compliance with bylaws or policies that reference the Step Code; and
  • Local governments and utilities, in the processing of incentives and rebates aligned with Step Code metrics.