BC Energy Step Code Training – Realtors, Builders and Public Officials

2017 – 2019

City Green offered a one hour interactive workshop and two hour energy efficient bus tour for realtors, on “Selling the Benefits of Efficient Homes.” This presentation took place at the Victoria Real Estate Board, and featured the following lessons: 

  • Learn how to explain and sell the features and benefits of energy efficient products and homes in easy to understand language for home buyers and sellers.
  • Selling a fixer upper? Learn how to connect home buyers with all the current home energy improvement rebates and incentives.
  • Learn about the full value of an energy evaluation for home buyers and sellers. Learn about what happens in an energy evaluation, how to read a home energy label, how to help your clients find an energy advisor, and how to complete the “EnerGuide for Houses” rating information on the Property Disclosure Statement.   
  • Learn what the BC Energy Step Code is and how to explain it to home buyers in the market for a new home.  
  • Participate in bus tour of energy efficient homes.