Energy Savings Plan

2006 – 2007

(Pilot year deadline: March 31, 2007)

The Energy Savings Plan (ESP), administered by City Green and implemented in partnership with Light House Sustainable Building Centre and Homeworks Services, developed and implemented a series of incentive packages and outreach and education initiatives to encourage market uptake of energy efficiency measures in BC buildings. This project began as a one year pilot in over 24 communities, and targeted single family homes, multi-unit residential buildings, affordable multi-unit housing, and new and existing commercial buildings.

ESP far exceeded its goal of 80,000 GJ of energy savings in its first year, achieving 116,237 GJ of savings and a carbon emission reduction of 6,552.06 tonnes. ESP also provided energy efficiency training for 275 realtors, distributed 3,694 low flow shower heads (primarily to affordable multi-unit residential buildings), and resulted in $11,854,493 in home/building-owner, community, and partner financial investments and the delivery of $1,888,334 in financial incentives to home and building owners across the province. The ESP program and its learnings and successes provided a launch pad for the successful Province of BC LiveSmartBC Efficiency Incentive Program.