Energy Savings Plan

2006 – 2007

The Energy Savings Plan (ESP), was a one-year pilot energy project administered by City Green and implemented in partnership with Light House Sustainable Building Centre and Homeworks Services. The ESP incentives and services were available to over 24 BC communities, and targeted single-family homes, multi-unit residential buildings, affordable multi-unit housing, and new and existing commercial buildings.

ESP far exceeded its goal of 80,000 GJ of energy savings in its first year, achieving 116,237 GJ of savings and a carbon emission reduction of 6,552.06 tonnes. ESP also provided energy efficiency training for 275 realtors, distributed 3,694 low flow shower heads (primarily to affordable multi-unit residential buildings), and resulted in $11,854,493 in home/building-owner, community, and partner financial investments and the delivery of $1,888,334 in financial incentives to home and building owners across the province.

The ESP program and its learnings and successes provided a launch pad for the successful Province of BC LiveSmartBC Efficiency Incentive Program.