Make the Switch Study

2021 – 2022

The Make the Switch Study was a collaborative project between BC Hydro, City Green Solutions, RDH Building Science, and municipal partners to better understand the costs and benefits of heat pump installations across British Columbia. Space heating accounts for a large percentage of a home’s energy consumption and heat pumps are considered the most energy efficient, and climate-friendly, space heating option on the market today.

What was the Make the Switch Study?

  • The Make the Switch Study aimed to analyze the costs (purchase and operating) and homeowner motivations for switching from heating with natural gas to heating with an electric air-source heat pump.
  • The Make the Switch Study recruited participants between 2021 and 2022.

Key Findings:

  • In 66% of participating homes, the switch from natural gas heat to an electric heat pump resulted in the same, or lower, energy costs.
  • After switching to a heat pump, fully-electrified households cut their carbon pollution by more than 90%
  • In applying the 2030 carbon price to the participants’ current energy bills, our analysis suggests that a heat pump would be more cost-effective to operate for 88% of participating households
  • In almost all (92%) of the households that participated in the study, the researchers conclude that a switch to a heat pump would achieve the same carbon pollution reduction, at the same or lower cost, than a subscription to renewable natural gas service.

The data collected from the Make the Switch Study will be integral to the future development of home energy improvements and climate action programs in BC and your community.

The full report is available at: