Pre-Rinse Spray Valve Programs


The Pre-Rinse Spray Valve programs provide guaranteed water, energy, and greenhouse gas savings for every business visited. It builds goodwill among business owners and managers, and provides a foot in the door to cost-effectively deliver information and advice about energy and water savings opportunities, utility rebate programs, and upcoming City bylaws and regulations. And it makes dishwashing staff happy by providing them with better tools to make their jobs easier.

City Green has delivered several of these programs for a client list that includes: The City of Vancouver, the Capital Regional District, the City of Richmond, and the Vancouver International Airport. The program results can be impressive. For example, a 2014 program in the City of Vancouver led to the installation of over 500 high efficiency spray vales and over 1500 high efficiency aerators. 450 water and energy savings opportunity assessments also identified over 3000 energy and water savings opportunities to assist business owners in determining how they might lower their water and energy consumption, save money on utility bills, and access incentives and rebates.  The 2014 program resulted in annual savings of over 100 million litres of water, 80 million litres of hot water, and nearly 20 thousand gigajoules of fuel from the spray valve installations alone. Additionally, faucet aerators saved tens of millions of litres of water and hot water and thousands of gigajoules of fuel annually. This program also resulted in considerable greenhouse gas emissions reductions.