Existing Home EnerGuide Evaluations on Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Islanders, City Green is working with two independent Energy Advisors, Aron Dalton and Dion Hackett, who are available for your energy assessing needs. They are both registered Energy Advisors with City Green Solutions.

Aron and Dion both operate their own businesses that are separate from that of City Green Solutions. Aron and Dion operate as independent contractors who set their rates and schedule their evaluations independently from City Green Solutions.

Aron and Dion are longtime Salt Spring locals and are ready to receive your calls to book an EnerGuide Evaluation. For more information, contact them:

Registering for the Canada Greener Homes Grant Program

If you are wanting to participate in the Canada Greener Homes Grant Program and have not yet registered, sign up here. Be sure to select “City Green Solutions” as your Service Organization.  If you have already registered for the program, but selected a different service organization, you can change this by logging in, selecting your application number. Click the “Manage Application” button and change your service organization to “City Green Solutions.”

An EnerGuide home evaluation with a registered energy advisor provides you with expert advice and a customized retrofit plan so that you can save money on your energy bills, improve your home’s health and comfort, and reduce your home’s environmental impact. EnerGuide home evaluations follow a standardized process developed by Natural Resources Canada to provide homeowners with comprehensive and unbiased recommendations for their homes.

Recommendations from our energy advisors can save you hours of planning time and thousands of dollars by assisting you to make energy upgrade decisions that are right for your home and budget. By completing an EnerGuide home evaluation, you can access the Canada Greener Homes Grant. You can also become eligible for the Home Energy Improvement Bonus for completing three or more energy efficiency upgrades, offered by the CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program.

Your local government may provide discounted evaluations. Check out the featured incentives page for rebates available for your energy efficiency upgrades. Read more about EnerGuide home evaluations in our FAQs below.