EnerGuide Home Evaluation FAQs

We'd like to answer your questions about energy efficiency! Please call us at 1.866.381.9995 or read below.

EnerGuide Home Evaluations

What qualifications do energy advisors working with City Green have?
All energy advisors working with City Green are registered with Natural Resources Canada after completing testing and training files, and provide you with independent energy saving advice based on building science. Meet our energy advisors.

Is the blower door test dangerous for me or my pets?
You can safely remain in your home during a blower door test. The fan does create some noise that may scare some pets. Also, if you have vermiculite in your home, we may not complete the blower door test. Read below for more information.

What is vermiculite and what should I do if it’s found in my home?

Vermiculite is a type of insulation that may contain asbestos fibres and is commonly found in older homes with insulation installed prior to 1990. If you suspect that there is vermiculite in your home, it is highly recommended that you take precautionary measures due to serious potential health risks. If exposed, asbestos fibres can become airborne in the home’s interior and cause serious harm if inhaled. For more information about the risks associated with asbestos exposure, please visit Health Canada

If you discover vermiculite in your home, do not disturb it. Contact a certified asbestos removal specialist that will follow BC hazardous waste regulations for options in relation to your renovations. For information about asbestos testing and having it removed professionally, please visit Work Safe BC.

If you have vermiculite in your home that may be (or become) exposed to the interior, the blower door test will not be performed, and instead you will be requested to sign the Blower Door Test Waiver.

In such cases:

  1. If you participate in the Home Renovation Rebate Program, you are not eligible for the up to $500 draftproofing rebate. 
  2. If you participate in the CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program, energy savings through draftproofing will be affected and can influence the rebate amount of the Home Energy Improvement Bonus. 
Vermiculite Insulation in AtticVermiculite Insulation in AtticVermiculite Insulation in AtticVermiculite Insulation in Attic

Will I need to provide any equipment (ladder or flash light) for the Energy Advisor?

No, the advisor will come with all the required equipment that is needed to conduct your energy evaluation.

Why do I need to clean out my fireplace? During the evaluation your advisor will conduct a blower door test which depressurizes your home to measure air leakage. Since a fireplace has a large opening, air will be pulled down the chimney lifting ash and soot out of the fireplace and into your home. By cleaning out your fireplace you will avoid this issue.

When will I receive the report from my initial evaluation? You should receive your Renovation Upgrade Report within two weeks from the initial evaulation date. If you have not received your report within this time, please first check your junk/spam e-mail folders and then contact City Green at 1.866.381.9995 should you require further assistance.

What is an EnerGuide rating?EnerGuide is the official mark of the Government of Canada for energy performance rating and labeling for energy-using products, including homes. A home EnerGuide rating is a measure home's energy performance in gigajoules (GJ). A high score means your home uses a high amount of energy, and vice versa.. The rating shows you how energy efficient a home is under standard operating conditions so that you can compare the energy performance of one house against another. More about EnerGuide Ratings.



City Green's EnerGuide Home Evaluations for existing homes are for single family dwellings, including row homes, townhomes, side by side duplexes, float homes, mobile home on permanent foundation. Residences with stacked units are not eligible. 

If you would like an evaluation for any other type of building, including apartments, condominiums, and commercial/industrial buildings please find an advisor that works with commerical or multi-unit residential buildings.

At the time of the evaluation the building must be completely habitable, with the building envelope intact and the mechanical systems installed and working.

In some very rare cases (some large homes and particularly drafty homes such as log homes), if the advisor is not able to depressurize your home to at least -30Pa, the advisor cannot complete the evaluation. (The Blower Door Test Waiver cannot be used to qualify the home in these cases unless there is exposed vermiculite in the conditioned space.) You will be charged a cancellation fee and the evaluation will not continue. If it appears that by completing some air sealing work, your home may qualify, you may choose to do the air sealing work and then contact City Green to reschedule the evaluation.

If your house has one part that does not share airflow with another part of the house (eg: suite that only has a separate entrance), please let our client services staff know when you call to book.

If you are a renter in a single family home, please have your landlord contact City Green to arrange an evaluation.

Home Upgrades and Renovations

Do you recommend contractors? No, City Green Solutions does not recommend or endorse any contractors. Our goal is to provide you with independent energy efficiency advice to help you reduce your energy use and lower your energy bills. We recommend reviewing the CMHC’s helpful guide for choosing a contractor.

Service Organizations

What is a Service Organization?

A Service Organization is an independent organization licensed by Natural Resources Canada to deliver federal housing programs, such as the EnerGuide Rating System and ENERGY STAR for New Homes programs. City Green Solutions is a licensed Service Organization in BC. 

City Green works with energy advisors throughout British Columbia to conduct EnerGuide Rating System energy evaluations. City Green performs Service Organization duties for all energy advisors working with us, including on-going training, quality assurance, technical support, and maintaining the integrity of the federal housing programs.

Do I contact a Service Organization or an Energy Advisor to schedule an EnerGuide Home Evaluation?

Most energy advisors working with City Green Solutions schedule their own evaluations and set their own prices. A small subset of energy advisors use City Green's in-house scheduling services. To determine whether to contact your advisor or City Green for scheduling your evaluation, consult the Program Qualified Energy Advisor list, and use the contact onformation displayed for the advisors(s) in your region.

Incentive Cheque Timelines

When is my rebate program Cheque Coming?

You apply for most rebates yourself using the Rebate Program Homeowner Application form. Ensure that the program recieves your form within 6 months of the installation of each upgrade, or within the deadline of the individual upgrade rebate program, if different than 6 month timeline. Processing of application by the program may take up to 90 days from the date that all required application documents are received. 

If you are applying for a rebate that is accessed through working with an energy advisor (Home Energy Improvement Bonus and/or the $300 EnerGuide Home Evaluation Rebate), here’s what needs to happen before you can expect your rebate cheque for your qualifying upgrades:

  • Ensure that you have paid for your energy evaluations, as we do not complete modelling until payment has been received.
  • Ensure that you have completed the Evaluation Authorization form. (Opens best in Internet Explorer)
  • Ensure that you have submitted your own Rebate Program Homeowner Application form to the program as the program program does not process your Energy Advisor supported upgrade rebates without it. 

Once we have the above items in good order, here’s what happens:

  1. In some cases, you may need to request a promo code from the Rebate Program, which can take a variable amount of time depending on how quickly Program representatives respond. We will notify you if this is necessary.
  2. Your energy advisor completes the modelling of your upgrades, determines your updated EnerGuide rating, and submits the energy model electronically to the City Green office.
  3. The City Green office performs first level Quality Assurance and then submits the energy model to Natural Resources Canada for approval.
  4. Your energy advisor send the paper copies of the Energy Advisor Supported Upgrades form to the City Green office.
  5. City Green staff review the Energy Advisor Supported Upgrades from and the Evaluation Authorization form for completeness, and send to the rebate program. If necessary, we will notify you if additional information is required. Steps 2 through 5 take at least 45 days. 
  6. City Green sends you a package in the mail with an updated EnerGuide label showing your energy efficiency status at the time of your post-retrofit evaluation.
  7. The rebate program takes at least 90 days from receiving the application from City Green to process your incentive application.